What Do We Charge for Property Management Services?

The No. 1 question I’m asked is “What do you charge for your management services?” Today I have the answers.

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In my experience in property management, one size does not fit all. Cap Core Property Management offers more options than just one.

First, if you’re the type of owner that just needs leasing or help with an eviction, we offer à la carte services for that: Our leasing services come with a complete applicant screening and lease preparation, and our eviction processes are handled by one of the best real estate attorneys in town.

In my experience in property management, one size does not fit all.

Second, if you need leasing assistance but also need help on the management side for things like rent collection, we can certainly do that, as well. We would work with your tenants to establish an electronic form of payment for them so that we don’t get the “check in the mail” excuse.

Finally, we offer a completely hands-off plan. Under this plan, we at Cap Core Property Management will take care of the repairs, bills, pricing, and much more for you. To find out the full list of the services we offer, visit www.CapCorePropertyManagement.com.

For other questions regarding property management, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team prides itself on no-hassle management services.

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