Real Estate Career Opportunity

It’s a fact that 87% of real estate agents FAIL within the first 5 years because they run out of money. They are distracted too much by shiny object syndrome and don’t have the guidance and mentor ship they need to succeed.


You have had some success but when you finally get some deals going, you have to stop staying in touch with your leads to service those deals. 


You have wild swings in income, 


We have the systems, processes and leads to for your to earn $70,000 a year working 30 hours a week in a position you look forward to everyday!



  • Mobile optimized Real Geeks CRM
  • Google Apps w/Cap Core email
  • Broker support at the click of a mouse
  • Cloud based Transaction Management System in Skyslope
  • Access to training material and videos
  • Software recommendations to improve your business
  • Company Facebook Page (exclusive inventory)
  • No cost metal signs
  • No cost use of company lock boxes


  • Broker provided leads and accountability manager
  • Transaction coordinators available for your escrows
  • Prospectors to help set appointments with your leads you can't reach
  • Elite Listing Package (we help you do the marketing on your listings)


  • You'll have the software and system to manage all your contacts so no opportunities fall thru the cracks. 
  • You won't have to rely on scary cold calls all the time to get your business
  • You will be confident in your deal making ability to close a home because we guide you.

You could do this all yourself and take the risk. But you may not be in position to do that. You could join another company offering a flat fee but you won't get the leads and support.

When Michael Torrez joined Cap Core Real Estate, he had just got his real estate license to help his family buy a home. He was able to successfully close on the house and earn a commission with the support of Cap Core Real Estate. 

But don't take my word for any of this...


"In my first year with Cap Core Real Estate, I had 10 closings and made over $30,000 working part time."

-Frank T. 


Cap Core Real Estate provided me with real leads that closed on properties and helped me close several multi family properties.

-Rachelle T.