1818 N Arrowhead Dr

There was a BIG surprise on this one. When removing the flooring, we found that the floor of the enclosed patio did not have a foundation, it was wood on dirt. It’s a good thing we got the house at the right price because we had some additional expense due to this. We needed the extra square footage this would bring to increase the price of the home we could sell for.

Other than that, there were no other surprises. We gave the kitchen a facelift, updated the bathrooms, new flooring and paint throughout, removed some walls to open up the home and brought the enclosed patio level with the rest of thouse. The exterior had the landscaping cleaned up, the empty pool was fix and filled and the exterior got a new paint job.

Staging and complete marketing plan brought a full price offer on day 33 and a great profit on the project.

P.S. While marketing the home, the neighbor came by during an open house. He told us the home used to be a sex party house! That was a first for us to hear about. We did find a small finished attic space with a mattress which now made sense to us.


1818 N ARROWHEAD DR, Chandler, AZ 85224


Chandler SFH 1818 N Arrowhead Dr, Chandler, AZ (After)